Robotime DIY Film Projector 3D Wooden Puzzle


  • Hand Generator: No batteries or other power source is required. Just crank the handle to play the film.
  • 28mm Focus Lens: You can adjust the focal lens to change the size and quality of the images.
  • 58 Frames Film: You can even make your own film to record your good memories. (suitable for 4.5mm/5mm film).
  • Unique interference fit technology allows this product to be assembled without any glue so that all parts and components can be completed under pure physical splicing, so as to ensure the assembly experience for players.
  • It has a mixed style of mechanics and retro things. It can be placed on the desk and as a display in your living room. And this vitascope is also very suitable for giving friends & family as a gift.

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This model can actually show the movie, which contains 58 frames of film, we select the classic fragment of Chaplin’s 《Modern Times》.

Film IntroductionModern Times (Charlie Chaplin)

It is the last silent film by comedian Chaplin. The story of this film takes place in the United States during the economic depression of the 1930s. Worker Charlie (Chaplin) works in a factory, goes crazy, and enters a mental hospital. All these are closely related to the survival crisis brought by the economic crisis at that time. In the hard life, Charlie and the orphan girl help each other, and the scene is warm and touching, glowing with the brilliance of human nature.
Modern Times is considered one of the greatest films in American film history and one of Charlie Chaplin’s most famous works.

The design team lasted half a year, from drawing design, modeling, and mapping to laser cutting and proofing. It went through repeated repetitions, which finally condensed into this ingenious work.

No battery is needed, directly turn the handle to show the movie. Before the show, adjust the focal length, 28mm focal length lens, and you can easily control the size and brightness of the projected picture.

Hold the handle, turn it clockwise at a constant speed, and enjoy the classic moments of the comedy master. The middle part of the projector, equipped with an access door, can be inspected and troubleshot, and it is also convenient to change the film later.

How to install Film Projector 3D Wooden Puzzle?

Step 1: Open the package and take out the wooden parts, instructions, and other accessories in turn. Please read the notice of the instruction before assembly.

Step 2: Pick out the wooden pieces as the introduction steps are shown. Find out the corresponding parts and small tools according to the instructions to start assembly.

Step 3: Following the introduction step by step, the assembly difficulty is 4 stars and can’t be assembled in 5 hours.

Step 4: Adjust the 28mm focal length lens. Turn off the lights. Preparing white paper for your wall. Rotate the handle rapidly. Enjoy Modern Times with your family!

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