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What is Montessori Toys

Imagine a childhood without toys; it would be boring, right? Children at a very tender age already know what toys are, and they get very excited when called upon to unwrap them. This may include a doll, a board game, or even an enticing jigsaw puzzle. Many children love unique toys that will entice them and jog their memory. An example of such a toy is a Montessori Toy. The aim of the toy is usually to stimulate the child to learn new things and experiment with what is in their surroundings. 

What are Montessori Toys?

A Montessori Toy is an object that stimulates the child to learn new things and experiment with what is in their surroundings. The toy is crafted using natural materials such as rocks, cotton, metal, or wood. The toy is physically manipulated by the child while playing to function as needed. Montessori Toys aim to instill one skill at a time in a child. Montessori toys are a series of toys that can help children to learn or get skills by playing with the toys and encouraging them to learn or experiment by gaining achievement. They can be held and touched, rooted in reality. Perfect Montessori toy ideas that inspire creativity, work on child development skills, imagination, STEM, and more.

Who invented Montessori Toys?

Montessori toys are invented by Maria Montessori! An Italian physician, educator, and innovator, acclaimed for her educational method that builds on the way children learn naturally. In the early years, she once said, “The first essential for the development of the child is concentration.”  And later, she invented sensorial materials made of wooden objects of different shapes and colors, referred to as Montessori Toys.

Maria Montessori

Why use Montessori toys?

Montessori designed the materials so that the child would independently correct them to the right shape and color while playing. The sensorial materials aimed to craft independence in children and enable them to have a broad mindset in solving problems.

Montessori toys focus on the growth and development of children and adolescents because they nurture the child’s thirst for understanding and knowledge in all aspects of life. The toy acts as an entertainment gadget while offering lots of educational benefits simultaneously.

Benefits of Montessori toys

Improved self-confidence

The child gains confidence when they can tackle a game such as a jigsaw puzzle at ease. It feels like an achievement when they have managed to join the mysteries in the correct order and form.


The games, especially when played by many children, often bring about unity, and a bond is formed among them. They get to enjoy the fun together since they pose healthy competition.

Improved concentration

When the toys are of different shapes and colors, the child is usually determined to ensure that they are in the correct form and order. This instills concentration in the child’s mind to ensure that the toy is well-aligned with the instructions.

150 pieces animal world jigsaw puzzle 4

Improves math and reading skills

Some toys are meant to boost the child’s intellectual ability in terms of counting various numbers and reading out loud the names of multiple objects. This gives the child the ability to understand different things surrounding them, thus a bonus when they join the school.

Exposure to teamwork

Some games entail children playing with one another. This builds healthy competition when they play in groups and thus creates team spirit. 

Developed self-disciplined

The games instill self-discipline among the children since they know when to play and handle the toys with care. 

Encourages growth and balance

Some toys that involve the child climbing from one point to another stimulate balance in that the child will know how to stand upright when playing. The child also grows intellectually and physically, primarily due to stretching muscles.

Creating freedom and independence

The child gets to learn and choose what they want to engage in without being forced by their fellow children or adults. The spirit of independence is instilled in them as they know how to solve the problems incorporated in the games without anyone’s help.

Circular Car Baby Cartoon Paper Jigsaw Puzzle Toy detail 2

Instils creativity

Children get a broad understanding of the toys they are playing with and even have an alternative way of improving the game to make it more exciting and even create games similar to what they are playing.


Why choose Montessori toys?

Montessori toys are essential for the child’s well-being because they can master various skills and creativity at a time concerning the child’s preferences. Too many toys may sometimes be overwhelming, but Montessori-aligned toys are not just like any other play things a child can use. They are uniquely designed in such a way that they benefit the child and help them grow both physically and intellectually. 

Parents should incorporate toys into their child’s life to help them have a great experience even when they join the school. The toys make them intelligent kids, and this is a great advantage in that the child is uniquely recognized because of how they behave and carry themselves around. Kids love unique toys that challenge their intellectual ability since the feeling of being an intelligent kid satisfies them. Crafting a Montessori-aligned toy is easy since the materials used are affordable and can be found anywhere. Materials to be used may include wood or even cardboard. The best gift an adult would get a child is a toy, especially one Montessori-aligned, due to its unique craft that entices children to play with them more and more.

Where to Buy Montessori Toys?

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